The Seller

Marketing your property

First impressions are so important to the prospective buyer. An attractive home with a well maintained garden has a much greater selling potential. Our property evaluation will help you find out how much your home is worth and about the costs that may arise with the sale. We know what buyers in this area desire and can advise you on improvements that can be made and how best to market your property. It is worth it to ask us for our advice. Our photographer will take a portfolio of photographs using professional equipment. These will be high quality digital photographs that are produced especially for our website and mobile apps. We promote the properties through our highly ranked website, apps, printed and digital brochures, the digital window displays and billboards. We will also send information to local and international brokers with whom we have a collaborating agreement. However, our best advertising has always been the recommendations of our happy customers and our good reputation. When we have a potential buyer, we make an appointment with you and the buyer to visit your home. We accompany the buyer and explain the features of the property in his language. If they want some changes we can easy advice them and offer them a quote for the costs.

The selling process

We will present to you any offers made to purchase your property and negotiate for you the terms and a final price. There is usually a period of negotiation before a final agreement is reached. Our job is to bring the two parties into a final agreement resulting in the sale of your property.

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